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About App

Record your bowel movements, symptoms, meals, medications, moods, medical procedures and more - in mere seconds.  Great for a range of inflammatory bowel diseases from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) to Ulcerative Colitis (UC), Celiac and Diverticulitis, this simple and clean app will make tracking your data an easy habit to start and maintain: simply tap an icon and fill in the blanks. Take control of your condition by utilizing your own personal dataset to communicate effectively with medical professionals using their lingo, or just better understand your overall health.   With a unique bowel movement discomfort calculation, this app can make insights and correlations that were never before possible.


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Numerous unique features avalable and new ones in production.

Insights offers unique capabilities by generating reports and graphs from your personal dataset.

With our unique form entry, you can track bowel movements, meals, medications, moods, and more.

With a few taps you can log your data in seconds while you’re on the go and then get right on with your day.


With the diary, you can see and edit any entry anytime. Forgot to log yesterday’s meal? No problem: you can back-date entries too.

Export your data to Excel and explore your data on your own. Be in control of your health data.

View reports with statistical analysis generated from your data. Make new and useful correlations.


The application in use.


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Get myColitis today to take control of your health. Start tracking your own data to generate insights and reports to make informed decisions about your lifestyle. Use these reports as part of your treatment plan with your medical professional.

Simple, clean and easy to track everything you want with a few taps. The insights you gain will help you better understand and manage your condition.  Take control of your health.
  • Developed by first-hand users living with and managing various inflammatory bowel diseases
  • User-friendly design
  • Personal insights about your health
  • Loads of features that are easy to use and customize to your particular situation
  • Reliable without the need for user accounts
  • Own your own data
  • Be in control of your personal insights